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Todd Glick, Senior Asset Manager
Senior Asset Manager

Todd Glick

Todd Glick brings more than two decades of real estate industry experience to ColRich, where he manages the Company’s asset management team. Overseeing approximately 7,000 multifamily units, he has created a strong oversight structure, seamlessly interacting with regional and property managers to streamline operations and optimize assets. Todd is recognized for his exceptional leadership skills and ability to cultivate a hardworking and high-performance team. Known as a people person since his joining ColRich in 2016, Todd is tasked with cultivating internal talent, allocating resources among projects, and collaborating with colleagues to sharpen problem-solving skills. His end goal is to build a cohesive division that is ready to embrace change with an open mind and sense of humor, in keeping with the ColRich culture. Todd received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bowdoin College and a Master of Business Administration from Emory University. In his free time, he enjoys family travel and volunteers at Father Joe’s Villages and Build a Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit participative homebuilding program in Tijuana that also offers education, wellness and job skills training to those in need.

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